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Confident you have what it takes?

A mutually beneficial collaboration

I'll be honest and upfront: I'm offering a senior ambassador program to promote my business. This would be as important as if you were working part-time at any other company. However, working with me will be FAR MORE FUN, and provide an opportunity for you to benefit, too. We both get content, mutual promotion, and it's a great way for you to make new friends and build esteem among your schoolmates. If you think this is something you want to do, read on to find out more!

Who can apply?

I'm looking for anyone with integrity between the ages of 14~18 years old, regardless of what grade you're currently in. Typically ambassador programs are for teens who are just beginning their senior year or are currently juniors. But to me, it doesn't matter if you're attending private or public school or if you're homeschooled! I want to hear from you - your unique story and personality are what are important after all.

What will you do?

Senior Ambassadors commit to representing me (William) as a person, and William La Mont Photography as a business both online and in-person all throughout their "senior year." A crew member's main responsibility is to encourage classmates, friends, and seniors in their area to book their photos with William La Mont Photography. Scroll down to see what you get in return!

What You'll Get:

You'll have responsibilities, but let's see what you get from this first! (Note that this will be subject to change year upon year as we refine the process and the needs of our crew)

  • 6 photoshoots per year, both at awesome locations and in a studio setting.
  • A big comfy hoodie with your name on it and your ambassador status.
  • Personalized cards for you to give discounts to friends, family, and juniors.
  • Consultations for your parents on navigating social media.
  • Access to the end-of-year ambassador party! (Parents, too)
  • That's at least $3370 value right there!

The more referrals you give me, the more credit you get towards:

  • Bestie shootouts where you see how many shots we can get in 10 mins.
  • A social media takeover where you control my content for the day!
  • A birthday photoshoot/paparazzi-style coverage of your birthday party.

Crew status runs from April 2022 until March of 2023

Your Responsibilities:

This is a serious commitment. There is a $50 admin fee if you're accepted. To be considered, you must exhibit honesty and integrity. You must show us you can handle being in the public light and your social media needs to be updated regularly and appropriately (and we will gladly help you with that). Open communication and maturity are key. If you ghost people, we don't want you, sorry.

What you're committing to:

  • You will refer potential clients.
  • You will help recruit next year's crew.
  • Provide honest testimonials and reviews.
  • 1 meeting per month to discuss progress and help each other.
  • Follow and tag appropriately on social media. Not just me, but makeup artists, stylists, locations, and brands too.
  • Commit to 6 photoshoots and at least 1 event.
  • Allow your images to be used as promotional material.
  • Post our photos regularly (schedule to be negotiated).
  • Use the images we shoot as your profile pics.

TL;DR Summary:

“You and I will work together to create pictures and videos for each other's social media.

My work is promoted, you get sick content, awesome experiences, and swag.

Find me clients who pay me, and you'll get credit towards rewards for you and your best friends.”

Crew FAQ

Do I have to be exclusive to you?

I will take this into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Perhaps you work with a dance or sports photographer as well. Sure there will be some issues there but they're my colleagues at the end of the day.

I will say this: if you choose to be exclusive to me, I'll give you more consideration, too. This means more help for you and your parents, and opportunities to work on bigger projects and even paid events.

What does it cost me?

If you're successful, there is a $50 admin fee that is non-refundable. This goes towards merch and setting up your personalized cards. That's it.

I won't require you to purchase any photo sessions. You will receive digitals in return for your promotion of my photo studio. If you want to purchase any physical products there will be a discount (depending on the product).

How will this help me?

Aside from all the benefits from being involved in the crew program that you can read about above, this will be excellent for your University and other job applications.

Also, you'll learn a lot if you want to become a YouTuber, model, actor, or influencer.

Come to think of it, this will be a huge benefit to ANYONE even if you think it doesn't apply. You can take the confidence and interpersonal skills you'll gain with us to any other part of your life.

What are you looking for in an applicant?

Ah, good - you're doing research. That means you're dedicated to your own success. That's what I'm looking for.
It will be really helpful for your application if:
* You're capable of having an opinion but also willing to change it.
* You have an interesting backstory.
* You're into: archery, anime, ballet, martial arts, horseriding, cosplay, motorcycles, old muscle cars, art, photography, making films, or theater.
* You believe in objective truth and beauty, or are able to tell me why you don't (skillfully).
* You can tell me which you prefer out of Carravagio, Vermeer, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Do you have a question?

Txt: (970) 430-7439