Currently Booking sessions for 2022 and beyond

Securing your time:

A 50% retainer is required to reserve your time slot, and the balance is due on the day of the shoot unless otherwise discussed.

Secure payment solutions, payment plans, or with cash money.

Rescheduling is OK, refunds because you simply changed your mind are not. Sorry.

Deliverables (what you get):

You may choose a combination of photo albums or wall portraits, or if you require something else, we'll work it out between us.

After you’ve selected your favourite images, we’ll work together to choose which style and size of things you want.

Want me to come to you?

Session prices do not include travel outside the current studio area.

For sessions anywhere outside of Colorado, please budget for an additional $500 to cover travel expenses. This is as low as I could make it, I hope you can appreciate why.

(Note that if I'm already travelling in your area, this cost is waived!)

My Team

Meet the people that hold me up
I wouldn't be anything without my family, friends. Read on to discover the answers to the most common questions people pose - and even some ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD BE ASKING! ;-)
William's son Grayson pulling a funny sideways smile black and white photo

Grayson Gurning

My Family

I think we must love our families exactly as they are. They're special and we can't change them anyway.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself!

Jokes aside, there will come a day when you will hug your family for the very last time. You won't even know that it's the last time until it happens, or maybe even a long time after that. Take from that what you will.

A black and white photo of the boys standing on a bridge pointing down at things floating in the estuary

Stanmore Bay, New Zealand - 2019

My Friends

I wouldn't be here without them.

No really, there have been times when I've had no home, job, or reason to live, and yet there they are; showing up just when I needed them the most.

Who shows up for you when you need them? Are you someone's superhero?

General Questions and Answers:

Do you provide test-shoots for models?

Yes! I am happy to provide test shoots and portrait sessions for industry professionals. This means if you’re a model, actor, or creative - or even work behind the scenes in these areas - I’m happy to arrange a deal with you. From keeping me on retainer through to TFP sessions, I am open to ideas. Your best bet is to contact me with your idea, and we’ll get the ball rolling. Head to the top of this page and click "Hire Me."

Fill out the form stating the name of your agency if you have one, and make sure to include your social media details.

Who owns the images?

Great question! It's time for "The Talk." I call it "The Talk" because it's an essential part of the process that all photographers should be doing with their clients, however, many don't. Whether this is out of ignorance or to avoid explaining a difficult concept - much like the "birds and bees" talk - I'm not sure, but I try to have it with each of my clients.

Any time a photographer shoots an image, they own the all rights for using that image (whether the subject is aware of it or not). But, if the photographer doesn't inform the client directly, they can sometimes make the client unduly upset. In reality, photographers charge clients for the time it takes to make and process the images only.

Simply put, when I shoot portraits I own the images, but I license them to the subject of the image, who - under the cc by-nc-sa license - can use the image pretty much any way they like. The only things they can't do are; A) claim they themselves produced the image, and, B) make money from selling said image. This means they could use it on social media however they wish, print it to hang in their house, or even use it for a billboard advert (as long as they clearly credit the photographer, and weren't selling the image to someone, using the billboard) For Corporate clients the image is licensed for commercial use for 1 year after the date the image has been delivered to you. The reason for this is twofold: people love to see your face, I pretty much guarantee it will be the post that recieves the most engagement across your platforms. However you can't just repost the same picture of you each time! Also because its used for commercial reasons, it must be licensed differently. See the entry in the Education section above for more details on licensing.

If they do use it as their profile picture, I recommend them to credit one of my social profiles.

You can check out the other types of Creative Commons licenses here: http://creativecommons.org.au/learn/licences/

Securing your Time:

A 50% retainer is required to reserve your time slot, and the balance is due on the day of the shoot when you arrive. I always eat my vegetables first and save dessert for last.

Note: for certain sessions (personal branding and retainer arrangements) full payment will be due within 12 hours after arrangements have been finalised.

Secure payment solutions via PayPal, bank transfer, or with cash-money.

I also offer payment plans with no interest, so that you can pay off your session over time beforehand. Think of it like a piggybank for your next session, or if you want to put money towards a gift for someone else.
Rescheduling is OK, refunds are not. Sorry.

Where do you live?

I'm currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. I used to travel around New Zealand, and also to Japan, China, Australia, and around the South Pacific for business.

My travel within Fort Collins is always included in the cost, but travel outside of the city will incur further costs to cover both my transportation and insurance of my gear.

Where is your studio?

I currently work out of a home studio, but I will rent a larger studio space if need be. We can also shoot in limited but still exciting locations around the city.

Can you come to me?

Perhaps! In general, I'm happy to come to you or to do lifestyle shots outside in the city. Obviously, this necessitates a smaller kit to be brought with me, which equals fewer options.

For sessions anywhere else in Colorado, please budget for an additional $500 added to the price. This is as low as I could make it, I hope you can appreciate why.

I also provide portrait sessions when I go away on holiday. Frequent destinations include New Zealand and Japan, Rarotonga, as well as other parts of China. I'll let you know via social media where and when I'll be traveling, so make sure you follow me there so you don't miss out! (I've been known to do complimentary photoshoots for my followers)

Can you teach me to juggle?

Yes, I can.
YES, really! Unless you're an insect or animal without opposing thumbs, I can probably teach you to juggle. It's actually not so hard and it's great for when you need an active break from work.

If you bring 3 evenly weighted balls when you come and see me, we'll see if I can beat my best time of 4 minutes to teach someone to juggle 3 balls. =D