Spirit Session

Tempus Fugit.

Kids grow up fast

As a father and former grade-school teacher, I know this only too well. The kids I taught in first-through third-grade are now wearing makeup and going on dates. My son has started eating like a horse - I know what comes next!

Lucky I'm a time-wizard. Yep! Once per year I'm able to slice time and capture photons of light to trap them beneath glass. (You might have seen these called "photos" before.) We can then look at those slivers of time mounted on our walls and remember just how precious they used to be.

To be precise, I'm offering short and sweet portrait sessions for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Why four and twelve? Because those are my specialty. I taught and raised kids in this age range, and photographed entire classes for their yearbooks. Basically I'm your best shot at getting really calm, natural images that you'll be proud to display on your wall.

Kids younger than 4 have difficulty understanding what's happening and why, plus there are newborn and toddler photographers who specialize in that area. Kids older than 12 are ready to have a proper studio session, with outfit changes and different locations. They deserve/require more say in what is going on at that age. It helps them buy into it, and you get better photos at the end of the day.

Why choose me?

I'm a father

Why choose me?

I was a teacher for nearly a decade

Why choose me?

Vast experience shooting yearbooks


$400 = Wall Art = Memories Preserved

Deliverables (what you will get):

You will get a 10~20 minute session where I will photograph your child. Later, we'll select which image you want to preserve forever as wall art.

The price includes $200 credit towards your prints. You're free to spend that any way you desire. For example, three gallery-framed 10x10 prints (approx $198), or one 20x20 walnut-framed print (approx $208)

What's the catch?

3 days, 15 sessions total, and then it's unavailable until next year

Get in now before it's too late!


Wednesday the 24th of November

The Day After Thanksgiving

Friday the 26th of November

Three Days after thanksgiving

Sunday the 28th of November

Want a session?

Fill out the form to secure your time today

Helps to have a second line of communication.

I cannot guarantee your preferred time is available yet - this is to help me organize the day for everyone. You'll choose a specific time when you book the session.

In plain English:

  1. Register your interest in the above form.
  2. I'll be in contact and ask you to choose a time on the dates available.
  3. Once you've chosen the time I'll send you an invoice for the first payment.
  4. You'll pay $200 to secure your spot. Then you'll pay another $200 when you come to the session.
  5. A week or so later, you'll visit me again (or have a video call) to see the digital images. We'll choose the final image and pick out your wall-art. You have $200 in store credit - you can spend more than that, or less. (Secret hint: my print store is discounted if you buy on the day.)
  6. You'll get the art in the mail. Everybody's happy!

Securing your time:

A 50% retainer is required to reserve your time slot, and the balance is due on the day of the shoot.

I will invoice you once you've selected a time. Credit card, cash, or bank transfer are all OK.

Neither the retainer nor session fee are refundable once paid. This reflects the importance of ensuring your commitment and our mutual respect.

Want me to come to you? $50 within Fort Collins

For sessions anywhere else in Northern Colorado, please budget for an additional $200 to cover travel and equipment insurance expenses. This is as low as I could make it, I hope you can appreciate why.

(Note that if I'm already traveling in your area, this cost is waived!)

Why is Photography important?

Have you ever lost anyone?

When I was about 14, I got a phone call from my best friend's mom. My face lit up because I recognized her voice straight away - I spent so much time at her house it was like a second home. But something was wrong with the line. She couldn't hear me, even though I could hear her. She sounded like she was upset. I tried to fix the phone, but she didn't wait. Her voice cracked as she said 5 words that changed me forever, and then she hung up the phone.

"Danny and Mike are dead."

We got lucky that we had school photos and some happy snaps of him, but it never feels like enough. There were very few photos of his dad, Mike though. There are no photos of them on their bike, no photos out on the boat, or with the dogs. No photos of Danny and I riding bikes down to the shops or playing in the stream together. They're all memories locked in my head. I wish I could show you, take one out and let you see his spiked hair and cheeky smile that couldn't contain his teeth.

What if we had photos that captured him naturally, as he is every day? What a priceless treasure that would be. It's a treasure I'm going to make for you.

My mother Susan La Mont, née Edmundson, and my brother, standing at the Waitahanui river mouth, a place where our ancestors used to go fishing. This was about a year before she died.

This is why I do what I do.

Some people think that investing in good photography is a want, not a need. I'll admit that I may be biased, but I still argue that they are objectively wrong. You need physical evidence of who you were. You need to be able to pass this down to your children, and your children's children.

I have a few photos of my grandparents on my mother's side, and there are photos and historical references of the Edmundsons in New Zealand, India, and England. We were instrumental in creating the first hospital in Taupo. We helped build and re-build Napier after the great earthquake. We patented the use of acetylene torches as car headlamps, and have roads named after us.

My grandfather, Lt. Col. Francis Edmundson and his unit were captured by Rommel in North Africa. They managed to escape after treating Rommel's men. He met President Eisenhower in Palm Springs when they opened a clinic there to help treat kids suffering from Polio (I wish I'd digitized that photo when I had the chance).

How do I know all of this? Because I have photographic evidence. It was written down, too, but the photos are proof that the words are true.

I have nothing like this from my father's side, and it hurts.

In today's world there's little reason to not have framed portraits of your children and family. Let me help you with that.

Fill out the form above, and let's create a treasured legacy.


What about the digitals?

You will receive high-res digital copies of each physical image you purchase.

What should they wear?

Ideally a black t-shirt. These will be head and shoulder portraits.
I accept white shirts, and shades of grey, but nothing with a gaudy design, logo, pattern, or shine to it will be allowed.

I have ONE black shirt that they can wear, but since this is for emergencies, please do not rely on it.

If you want their bare shoulders to show, then a bandeau bathing suit top or a t-shirt pegged around their torso works fine. We can discuss this in more detail later.

Where can I get more details?

There are plenty of details here, but a full breakdown will be sent with the contract. Otherwise you can email me:

Is there anything important I should know?

Yes - I'm a sucker for bitter dark chocolate, pinot noir, and French Vanilla ice cream. As a test to see how far down the page people read, I'll reward you with a highlight video clip from the session if you bring me one of those things. ;)