High-quality images in gorgeous yearbooks that stand apart from what other schools are doing.

Traditional Yet Unique

Improve upon tradition with something that will stand apart.

Timeless Legacy

These images will be different from anything you've had before, but won't age like milk.

Pricing guide



A gorgeous flushmount photo album, containing:
Multiple Individual Portraits
Multiple Whole-Class Photos
Two Framed 8x10 Portraits

...and more

$300 Per Child


A premium quality photo book, containing:
2 Portraits of each child
2 Class Photos

1 Framed 8x10, and more!

$240 per Child


Want more? This is just a fraction of what I have available for you.

Want a location shoot?
Want me to provide professional stylists?
Cute, preppy uniforms with no logo?
Do you want a fashion show event?
What about an end-of-year party?

Contact me today!

price on application

Limited offer, only 6 shoots available each year

Why choose me?

At the end of the day... comes down to you. You have to decide. So what are your objections?

  1. You love the images, but you can't afford them today.
  2. You like the images but can't justify the cost.
  3. You just want photos like everyone else has.

This is easier than it looks. 1: if you love my images and can't wait to have some for yourself, but money is tight, I have 1-year payment plans. Nobody will know, and you'll get the album at the same time as everyone else. I actually recommend this to everyone, because at the end of the day, these are just photos and I don't want to be the reason you feel stressed out. Pay them off, it's about $25 per month.

Objections 2 & 3: Simply don't choose me. That may sound rude to you, but from long experience at this, unless you're already reaching for your phone to book me today, you won't be happy, and I want you to be happy. There are plenty of other great local photographers, so please choose them instead. I like healthy competition!

I still have the school photos from when I was at school, they look the same as what companies like them shoot today, and I reckon they'll still be shooting the same style of imagery long after I'm gone. They're consistent, professional, and cheap.

But so am I, if you compare what I normally charge for a portrait session. My highest school photo package is about 1/10th of what you pay for a normal portraiture session with me. It's a steal: you're getting the same quality and artistry that I put into each individual image, plus an album, a framed photo, and digital images in a mobile gallery. That's far above what you'd receive from anyone else.

No one else in town is doing this as I do. Nobody else has these images to gift to Grandma.

Wouldn't you like to be able to say that as well?

FAQ (and a secret or two)

What is involved?

The logistics are as follows:
One parent or teacher will act as the class representative. They will liaison with me and the families to arrange a time (and possible location).

They will collect the money from the other parents and make two payments, the first 50% as a deposit, the final payment upon delivery of the final products.

They must also provide a class name list and contact details for each family (email or phone number). This is to arrange reshoots or confirm details that may be missing.

This liaison will also take delivery of the final products and be responsible for the distribution of them. This can be in any manner you prefer, but I suggest some kind of viewing party. Obviously, I will assist you in this and help with arrangements. I love a good party!

This is a decent amount of work, and I appreciate it takes time out of your busy schedule as well. This commitment is compensated in a manner of your choice, typically an extra item or two, or in the form of a rebate. We look after each other around here.

What else is included?

All packages contain the items listed above, plus:

Access to a digital photo album,
An iPhone/Android app to view and share the images without keeping them on your phone,
An unforgettable experience for your kids.

What do you mean by class size?

The reason I am able to provide a $3k experience and product at 1/10th the price is due to there being 15 or more students involved at once. Unfortunately, the costs rise significantly the fewer students that are involved.

Between 10-14 children the price is $350 each. I cannot provide this service for less than 10 students.

Greater than 40 students will require additional logistics and time, therefore if you have an entire school or multiple classes, we will have to arrange a corporate solution for you instead. This is possible but must be arranged at least 6 months prior to the shoot in order to ensure we have space on the calendar.

How do you photograph the class?

It all depends on what the finished product will be. We can arrange this to suit your needs.
If you want to use my studio set or go on location, we can arrange transport for the class, or you can come individually as it suits you, and we make sure to match the shots.

If I'm coming to your school, I and my assistant will arrange an appropriate time with a parent representative for the class, and the school itself. This is less flexible but gets the job done quickly!

Where are you based and do you travel?

Before COVID, I travelled throughout the South Pacific and Australasia to work with different private schools. As I cannot travel freely in and out of New Zealand any longer, I will be moving my location.

In the near future, you will find me based in Colorado. I love to travel but we know that is an issue. I will gladly come to you, but it really depends on the situation.

This is one reason I have so few spaces available each year - so book me quickly before they're all gone!

When will we get our photos albums and prints?

I'll tell you a secret - I shoot in the slow parts of the year so that I can get your photos to you quicker. However, it's still a longer process than you might have experienced before. We don't do mall portraits and rickety chairs here. This is a full-on production.

That means you may not get your books, prints, or digitals as soon as you'd like. But you haven't chosen me because you want fast-food photos. You value quality, and we both know quality takes time.

What other services do you provide?

In the past, I've worked in the film and large event industry, and I have connections who can help us achieve some very unique outcomes.

For instance: highlight reels of the children playing and having fun together, cat-walk style fashion shows or stage performances, and day-trips for class adventures to suit your age and ability group.

But these take a lot of planning, and I can only fit in 1 or 2 each year. So you'd best get in early. Not everyone can have this kind of experience.

Want to be an ambassador?

As an ambassador for me, you would receive 1 extra product of your choice worth $150, vouchers for my studio for you (or to give away as a gift), and a sneak preview of the shoot before ANYONE else!

What's in it for me? Just talk about my studio and what we do, share your photos and tag me online, and maybe once in a blue moon, I'll ask you to test a new product or service I'm working on. A little of your time for a pretty decent reward.

Come say if you're interested. Anyone has the chance to be an ambassador, I don't discriminate, but I am very choosy. I hope you understand.

Still not convinced?

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