About William

William thinks writing about himself in the third person is ridiculous so he's not going to do that.

I am a photographer, a father, A teacher, and a student. Nothing special.

I grew up barefoot and free in New Zealand, north of Auckland. I was lucky. With 2.5 acres of bush to explore, the beach within walking distance, and a bike if I needed to get further away; I had a childhood I would wish on anyone.

My mother lent me her camera in high school, and I've rarely been without one since.

For a little while, I was based in China with my little family and ran a boutique portrait studio for exclusive clients. Now I'm setting off on another adventure.

A photo of William Miles La Mont wearing a grey newsboy cap, brown tweed vest, and Burberry scarf

I specialize in both legacy portraiture and professional headshots.

My work takes me to both mundane and exotic places in Asia and the South Pacific.

Contact me for collaboration, if you have a special project, scheduling, and rates. Let me know how I can be of service, ask me difficult questions, I'll give you difficult answers that we can work on together. Lastly, if you find value here, please share it with others.