Pagan Portraits

With William La Mont

I want to lead you through a guided portrait session, that will leave you feeling confident in yourself and connected to your ancestors. In this space, you can express your inner self, free from judgement. Scowl, growl, or grin - it's up to you - and then come to a place of letting go. Plus, you'll get exceptional photos!

Choose the package deal to get 3 images for $20!

Any additional photos you love will be available for download for $20 each.

If you wish, you can also go in the draw to win a voucher for a personal branding session worth $400.

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Quick FAQ

Do I pay now?

You don't need to pay anything now, only for the photos you love once they're ready next week.

Feel free to leave a tip or purchase one of the cute woolen witch hats from my table ;-)

What will I get?

I will edit all of the best images we capture in our quick session. Then, you can choose which one you wish to buy. Finally, you can pay by Stripe, by CashApp, or I can arrange to send you an invoice you pay over time.

For now, you get to experience a guided photography session like no other. When the photos are ready next week, I'll contact you.

What is involved in the portrait session?

Essentially I'll just talk with you as we take photographs. I'll do my best to help you feel comfortable and have fun. I'll ask you about your ancestors and you can choose an object to help make that connection - it's only as spiritual as you want to make it.

What's involved in the Personal Branding session

Personal branding is about creating a cohesive image to present to the world. Most professional people need one, and people who want to have a little more insight into themselves and the face they present to the world will benefit, too.

Usually, my session fees are $300, and the images for personal branding are $200 each. This price reflects the amount of planning, designing, and editing that goes into each shot.

For a personal branding session, most people spend $900, so get a deal and go into the draw to win a voucher for a $400 introductory branding session with me!

What does Pagan Portraits mean?

Some people view paganism as evil or dirty, but it's the most natural kind of worship someone can do. Paganism is a catch-all term for any non-Abrahamic religion. They're often polytheistic and focus primarily on ancestor worship and the use of avatars or statues to depict aspects of human nature for us to consider as well as natural phenomenons or nature spirits.

Some examples of pagan belief systems are ancient like Shintoism, Hinduism, and the beliefs of the Aboriginal Australians. Some newer, mainly reconstructed forms you may be familiar with are Asatru, Wicca, Norse Heathenism, or Kemetism.

One of the most significant aspects you'll notice about pagan belief systems is that they accept almost anyone into their fold and typically don't try to force their beliefs onto others. Since there's such a strong link to the ancestors (historical and divine) in all of them, I feel it's more welcoming and a better journey for us to take together under the welcoming banner of being Pagan.