While looking for budget but relaxing places to stay in Nagasaki, we found a guesthouse that - after seeing the very first image on their booking.com profile - we knew we had found an amazing place to stay.

The view of the breakwater from our bedroom windows as sun poors in onto the tatami matting

The accommodation itself was sparse in a good way, with basic rooms containing clean tatami, futon and bedclothes for each of us, a sink, and a view that opened directly to a wide ocean view. The toilets were separate and clean, and the bathing room was old, but functional.

I won't say it was perfect, but for budget accommodation with an amazing view and a short bus ride to the center of Nagasaki city, you could do a lot worse.

Mornings Routine

My favorite time of day was the early morning. I'd wake up and grab a coffee from the vending machine, and sit to watch the amazing sunrises.

A can of Suntory Boss coffee sitting on the coffee table downstairs in the common room.

Then I'd head out for a walk. Sometimes along the pier to see the cats and fishing eagles, or sometimes up the hill to the Buddhist shrine.

There were many shrines and temples in this little town, and if you ever stay there, I highly suggest taking a day to visit them all.

A panorama of the breakwater across the bay at sunrise

Mogimachi itself

It turns out we had underestimated just how amazing the little town of Mogi was. It was sleepy and small, with a tiny population, but it also had some beautiful shrines and a temple too. There was a great little convenience store that, while you had to plan it out beforehand, was still a walkable distance away.

Even though it is technically a fishing village, the water was clean and clear, with very little rubbish and no disgusting smell at all. I had a swim in the ocean just in front of our lodgings, and while the water was cold with a sharp, stony floor, it was pleasant nonetheless.

As you can imagine there was an abundance of sea life, and the owners of Burabura House spent most days with a fishing line dangling into the water.

Walking up many steps to see the various temples and shrines of Mogimachi in Nagasaki Prefecture Japan
The amazing local architecture of the town of Mogimachi in Nagasaki Prefecture Japan
Looking down the hill over the rooftops to the town of Mogimachi in Nagasaki Prefecture Japan
A rock inscribed with a very elegant form of Japanese script standing at the entrance of a shrine in Mogimachi, Japan
One of the many cute fishing boats in the Mogimachi Marina
A concrete Tori gate in the town of Mogimachi in Nagasaki Prefecture Japan
Standing on the wall looking back towards the mouth of the marina, we can see a lot of anti-erosion bolards in the sand

I'll be back, BuraBura!

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