Classy Heritage and Cool Tech

I'm a huge fan of the time period spanning the 1850s to the 1950s. It was such a tumultuous time and yet they created some of the most beautiful and ingenious solutions to their problems. Gas lighting in the house was safer and more reliable than electricity, music was able to be recorded and played back, they had trips around the world and brought back curios from other countries, but they often didn't have toilets inside their own homes!

About Avery House

From the Poudre Landmarks website:

"Fort Collins has Franklin Avery to thank for the wide streets in Fort Collins; he took advantage of the open spaces when he surveyed the town in 1873. Avery later founded First National Bank and was instrumental in developing water projects that enabled agriculture to flourish in northern Colorado.

"In 1879, he and his wife Sara built a family home on the corner of Mountain Avenue and Meldrum Street and raised their children, Edgar, Ethel, and Louise, there. The original two-story home consisted of two rooms on the first floor, now the entry area and dining room; three bedrooms upstairs; and a basement. Constructed of sandstone from local quarries, the house cost $3,000 when it was built. During the ensuing years, the Averys added to the house several times; the final addition included the distinctive Queen Anne tower.

"Members of the Avery family lived in the house until 1962 when it was sold. Poudre Landmarks Foundation, Inc., was formed in 1972. The group worked with the City of Fort Collins to purchase the home in 1974 at a cost of $79,000. PLF then took responsibility to oversee restoration of the house."

Avery House as seen from the Fort Collins Trolley on Mountain Ave

What's inside?

I love heritage buildings, especially those well researched and laid out inside. It's clear that the docents and curators of the house have treated this place with love and care. They are knowledgeable both about the history of the house, the way it connects to the history of Fort Collins, and the era itself.

Most of the rooms are laid out as if waiting for the occupants to return. For some people that's spooky, but for me, I enjoy that connection to what feels like living history.

Have a look at the images below to get a taste of what it's like there!

I hope this piqued your interest! Please pop along and see the house and enjoy the tour. Check the map below for the location.

1879 Avery House, West Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, CO

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