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A swift, no-fuss session that is perfect for people with limited time, or young kids.

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Where is your studio?

My studio is currently located in my house!

We live in Huafa New Town, Nanping, Zhuhai.

Some might be embarrassed or think its not professional to have a home studio, however I'm not worried either way: space is a commodity here in China, and I think my professionalism speaks for itself through my images and my client testimonials =)

Can you come to me?

Perhaps! See some details about this above, but in general I'm happy to come to you, or to do lifestyle shots outside. Obviously this necessitates a smaller kit to be brought with me, which equals fewer options.

I also provide portrait sessions when I go away on holiday. Frequent destinations include New Zealand and Japan, as well as other parts of China. I'll let you know via social media where and when I'll be traveling, so make sure you follow me there so you don't miss out!

Who owns the images?

Great question! It's time for "The Talk." I call it "the talk" because it's an essential part of the process that all photographers should be doing with their clients, however, many don't. Whether this is out of ignorance or to avoid explaining a difficult concept - much like the "birds and bees" talk - I'm not sure, but I try to have it with each of my clients.

Any time a photographer shoots an image, they own the all rights for using that image (whether the subject is aware of it or not). But, if the photographer doesn't inform the client directly, they can sometimes make the client unduly upset. In reality, photographers charge clients for the time it takes to make and process the images only.

Simply put, when I shoot portraits I own the images, but I license them to the subject of the image, who - under the cc by-nc-sa license - can use the image pretty much any way they like. The only things they can't do are; A) claim they themselves produced the image, and, B) make money from selling said image. This means they could use it on social media however they wish, print it to hang in their house, or even use it for a billboard advert (as long as they clearly credit the photographer, and weren't selling the image to someone, using the billboard)

If they do use it as their profile picture, I recommend them to credit one of my social profiles.

You can check out the other types of Creative Commons licenses here:

Do you have animals?

Yes, we have 3 rescue animals: two cats and a dog. If you're afraid of animals they can be sequestered away out of sight.

Personally, I am morally opposed to breeding animals for human companionship, especially since there are so many lovely animals out there who do not have a home. That's why we always adopt when we can, and support local desexing initiatives.

I love our animals, even if they're all afflicted with an excess of personality.

Is your dog OK?

Yes! That's Lulu - she's an old girl and naturally a bit lazy. She likes to greet people at the door, but prefers to sit and watch them from her chair.

She's a rescue dog that was being raised for ...culinary reasons. Luckily she ran away and we adopted her from a local organisation.

Securing your time:

A 50% retainer is required to reserve your time slot, and the balance is due on the day of the shoot.

Secure payment solutions via PayPal, WeChat, or with cash-money.

Rescheduling is OK, refunds are not. Sorry.

Deliverables (what you get):

You may choose a combination of photo albums or wall portraits, or if you require something else, we'll work it out between us.

After you’ve selected your favourite images, we’ll work together choosing which style and size of things you want.

Want me to come to you?

Session prices do not include travel outside of the greater Zhuhai area.

For sessions in Macau, Guangdong, Shenzhen or Hong Kong, please add an additional 1000 RMB (145USD) to the price. This is as low as I could make it, I hope you can appreciate why.