It will not be my last. It isn't my best photograph, but it does have all the attributes of what I plan to create in the NFT space. By purchasing my NFT, you now own a slice of time...

‎This is a time slice by wmlamont wizard of time it is an nft


NFTs are weird but stick with me

They're not easy to get your head around. But the most important thing to understand is that it's a record of provenance. That is, the creator retains copyright, and by entering it into the blockchain they have proof of their authorship out in public. Then the creator can offer up the NFT to a buyer who can own an instance of it, and know for certain who created it. They can then sell it on or trade it, and whoever possesses it will be recorded in the blockchain as well.

As for me, I enjoy this idea of someone owning a moment of time. I snapped it out of the ether and collected it into an image. I can then offer that to others as a slice of the temporal world which no longer exists. And they now possess that moment forever, or at least until they pass it on to someone else.

Time wizard


I plan to do more in this space, with physical prints of my time-slices sent to the owners, so they can possess both the physical and digital version.

For now, to see my other NFTs by click the link below